Chapter Seven


"As I arrived," I began, "I heard many of you calling my name. Many say here I am not responsible for Communism going wrong, that others are to blame for the state that it is now in. But I tell you, comrades, I tell you, brothers and sisters, that this is not so. I AM to blame, because I did not look too closely at those around me, I did not listen to the complaints of the people and I put men in power that sought power for power's sake, and betrayed the people for their own greed. Perfection in that world from which we have come is not achievable. There are always young Souls more interested in themselves and their own pleasure to think of the needs of others. And these must be controlled at all times so that they do not slip into their animal nature.
In my belief of universal brotherhood I overlooked this fact of nature. I refused to see it, and this was my greatest mistake. Those in authority cannot have absolute power. They must be answerable to those they rule. No matter how good their intentions, no matter how noble their cause, absolute power breeds only absolute corruption.
That is what has happened to Communism. It has become contaminated with those who lust for power and will do anything to keep it. Therefore, with sad hearts, we must turn against our dream. We must turn against our hope, and destroy it.
The infection is deep, the corruption great, we will fail again and again. But someday that evil we have mistakenly created will crumble, will fall apart and all those nations taken by the gun will be set free. The people will be able to speak their minds fearing no Dark Ones.
It was never our intent that the sons of Russia be conquerors. It was our intent that the workers of the world would rise up with us, that the people of each nation would overthrow their corrupt leaders, and that the glories of Communism would spread throughout the world. Instead, the world fears the thud of Russian boots, and this must never, never come to pass.
If you choose me as leader, we will be embarking on a hard and bitter struggle. We will be against our children's dreams, and will be against their jealousies and their hatreds. But if we are to save them, if we are to bring them back to The Path Of Light we must break their hearts. We must show them the errors of their ways.
On the platform with me are many men who, too, made mistakes; the Czarists, the Capitalists, the Priests...ALL of us made the same fundamental mistake. We thought OUR way was the ONLY way, and nothing else was any good....that it was all or nothing. And that is what destroyed us. And that is what will destroy our CHILDREN if we cannot make them understand The Truth.
I have studied these wondrous people, the Hashons, for I wondered why so many cling to Them for strength and help. And I have found the vital Truth of Their Philosophy, the Spark of Their Glory. They TOLERATED DIFFERENCE....not only TOLERATED it, but made it part of Their whole. They realized that no ONE philosophy could be supreme, no ONE idea absolute. That some men needed some things a little different from others, and as long as those men did not bother their neighbors, they had every right to those differences. That is why men have come to love Them and are Their allies; why some of the members of the most vicious and cruel race that ever existed call Them brothers, and work against the evil of their own kind.
If we are to save our children, if we are to save Russia, we must teach them the same Truth. We must make them understand that the Communist, the Czarist, the Capitalist, and the Priest must work together, and live together, each contributing to the family that is Russia. Each must be able to believe his own way without fear, able to express his ideas without threat. When this day comes, when this hour comes, then Communism will be right. Then it can be rebuilt, can be given new life and be made what it was intended to be.
Now I have said my words. I have told you where I am going, and what I will try to do. I can only ask you now if you will follow me."
I stood in silence for several minutes then one woman in the crowd clapped her hands and cried, "Lenin!" Again she did this until a man beside her picked it up, then another, and, another until the Square shook with their cries. I raised my hands and the crowd fell silent.
"Let us go home!" I cried. "Let us begin! But from now on when I address you I do not want you to call my name. For I am not important. I am just the leader of a cause. This shall be our cry, forever, and, always." I clapped my hands and cried "Russia!" Immediately the crowd picked it up and continued to cry it as they dispersed through the streets.
I was elected, unopposed, and since that time have been serving my people.
That, comrade brothers and sisters, is the end of my story. History will tell you how we have succeeded thus far. Though our joy is rising in these hours, in these days we still have fears. WE know that the Dark Ones still wait for one to give them power. But we will also be waiting for Those who will follow The Light that we are trying to give them.
We cannot choose for you, my comrades, we can only whisper in your ear and pray that you will hear our Voices, and not the voices of the Dark Ones.
In The Name Of All Your Fathers And All Your Mothers who watch you every hour, I praise what you have done thus far, and I beg you continue on, our Children, let us welcome you into The Light. Let us not hear your tears in The Darkness.


When we completed this work in '92 we sent it to the Russian leaders in power at that time, asking that it be made available to all the Russian people. We received no response from any of them.
If you are Russian and wish to translate this work into your own language feel free to contact us and obtain permission to do so. If you speak any other language and would like to translate this work for your own people, feel free to contact us. We will most certainly grant permission as long as full credit is given to where the work originated.

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