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Vol. 17 No. 4
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Nice Article!

Page 2
Calling The Children

Page 3
A Congregation Damned

Page 4
A Decree To Episcopalians

Primates On The Old Worlds

Page 5
Where Do They Come From?

Page 6
Greatest Humiliation

Page 7
What About Arnold?

Page 8
Sad Loss

Page 9
Stand With Me!

Page 10
Can't Publish John's New Song!

Page 11
Jesus' Joy

Page 12
Come On, California!

Page 13
By What Right?

Page 14
Thank You, California!

Page 15
Jesus Endorses Arnold

Questions From Laser 101

Page 16
Evil Still With Us

Page 17
How Do They Do That?

Page 18

Page 19
Old Friends Return

What Does Jesus Think Of
All The Different Prophets In History?

Page 20
Way Back When

Dams On The Old Worlds

Page 21
Ladies Joining In

Page 22
Four Years Of Heaven's Hero

Page 23
Compassion For Germany

Page 24
More Compassion

Page 25
"I'm Gerald!"
Part One
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

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