July 4, 2,012

    Be it known to the world that God's Presidential Candidate Speaker Gerald Polley, founder of this web site, made his Great Journey to The Afterlife on this date at 6:40 p.m. EST, at age 65.  He had colon cancer.  There will be no funeral or memorial services as these were his wishes.  He will be cremated and his wife Linda will be in charge of his ashes.  She will be continuing the Work however the campaign is over.  Gerald tried his hardest to serve God and save the world. Now God's hero is dead.  Pray the world can go on.  This web site will remain here as long as possible so the world will know what transpired.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    Speaker Linda Polley, Gerald's wife ,  will continue to update this web site with  the rest of The History and other information when possible.  She has a blog at


 which  should be checked out frequently for the most recent comments on the news and more.  Thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers.  


God asked us to go at it again.
Come join the fight!  Let's fix this mess!


God's Covenant With Ellsworth, Maine!
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We have received a song from The Afterlife promoting this effort. Click on the link below to hear it!

"The Battle Is Raging!"

God The Father Is Battling For Los Angeles, For Hollywood!
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If He Loses We All Lose!


After 500,000 years The Children Of The Lords are joyously celebrating because the first two Books of Their History have been made available to the public!


is beginning! And an online version is now available. The online version is available at this link.


A paper version is available.
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March 12, 2,013

One of Speaker Gerald Polley's science fiction novels is now for sale on line at Amazon.com!  

If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app be sure to check out  "Whacko The Clown" which features the song of the same name.   Click on the link below for instant access.


February 15, 2,007

Whole You Tube Account Gone! All of "Here's Jesus!"
All Of Our Music Videos, Still Available On Our Site Though.

Jesus is so angry about the harrassment we're getting on You Tube that he mentioned it in the video for the 15th. You'll get the link tomorrow. We're hoping it doesn't upset somebody. But the only fault we have with them is that it's so hard to get ahold of somebody in charge when you're having a problem! Well, Jesus is even angrier than ever! They've shut our You Tube account down completely! No contact with us from any official there, no notification whatsoever, they simply deleted our account! All the videos, all the music videos, all the "Here's Jesus!" gone! So much for the myth of free speech in America! We're not going to bother to put the "Here's Jesus!" episodes up on our own site. It's simply too much work for the little bit of traffic that we get there. Until we can find a secure outlet for this where it won't be taken down because a retard complains, this service will no longer be available. What videos are already on our web site will remain, but this work is done for the time being. The perverts have won again! And be assured that's what this is. People didn't want the anti gay messages, they were reaching people, and we were beginning to get response. So those that oppose them found a way to shut the site down. You can be assured You Tube's days are numbered. It was a great idea, but it's so messed up now that eventually they'll get so many lawsuits it'll simply drive them out of business. We're quite sure The Kingdom Of God will help it along! The way they treat people is simply atrocious!

August 5, 2,006

Something terrible has happened in The Afterlife to The Prophet Muhammed! He was attacked! We have put a video which tells all about it on You Tube. Here is the link.


***Link not working. See below!***

August 14, 2,006

Sadly we have found out that You Tube has blocked "Muhammed Attacked!" for inappropriate content. Considering some of the other crap they have up we can't understand that. But here is the link to our profile page which will give you access to the rest of our videos. Hopefully they will remain unblocked.


"Muhammed Attacked!" is still available at our own web site. Here is the address.


We are asking everyone to contact You Tube and ask them to unblock this video and again make it available to the public.

 Linda is still working on getting the back issues of "Voices From Spirit Magazine" on line and publishing more of The History.   Keep checking back for more updates. Of course the blog is frequently updated.

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There has already been some additions to Our Peoples' History! One new book is already online! Here is The Book Of The Nazarene.

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People have been clamoring for more of our fiction work. The ladies in The Afterlife insisted Linda get up "Spirit Lad," the book she wrote. And you don't argue with these ladies! When they want something they get it! We have also managed to get up some other works. They are all available in The Reading Room!

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